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Oregon State Law

Oregon State Law 2017 – Chapter 531

 SB 1015 creates statutory authority for OLCC licensed processors to process industrial hemp and industrial hemp concentrates and extracts. SB 1015 was signed into law by Governor Brown on June 29, 2017

Oregon State Law 2017- Chapter 531

Oregon State Law 2016 – Chapter 71

This is the official statutory authority for the Oregon Industrial Hemp Program.

HB 4060, which was championed by OIHFA, was signed into law by Governor Brown on March 29, 2016.

Oregon State Law 2016 – Chapter 71


The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) administers the required registrations for growing and handling industrial hemp, as well as for producing and handling agricultural hemp seed.

ODA Industrial Hemp Program

Permanent Rules

Oregon Department of Agriculture – Division 48. The permanent rules of the ODA Industrial Hemp program.

ODA Industrial Hemp Rules

Contact your local government to ensure compliance with all local laws, including local zoning ordinances.